Bronze Grave Markers

Why choose a bronze grave marker?

Mankind has been using bronze sculpture and engraving for thousands of
years to honor and pay tribute to heroes, events and the departed. The
Roman poet Horace’s boast that his work would be more lasting even
than bronze serves as a fitting evidence of the material’s durability.
Choosing bronze for a grave marker gives you an opportunity to leave a
monument that will stand the test of time with beauty and grace. Some
cemeteries require bronze grave markers in certain sections of the cemetery.
We would be happy to assist you in finding your cemetery’s regulations.

At Montrose Memorials, we offer bronze grave markers with advantages such as:

  • High-Quality Metal
  • Custom Designs
  • Image Etching
  • Inscriptions
  • Built-In Flower Vases
  • Granite Bases

Another option available for bronze grave markers is government match markers,
which provide a uniform look for the resting places of veterans and their
spouses. To receive a complimentary, hassle-free estimate, contact Montrose
Memorials now at (267) 443-1904.

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